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Towards the market

Neoconsul aims to provide services of excellence in the area of Real Estate valuations and always in line with the general values it defends and applies, an exemple of which is Professional Ethics and placing moral values above economic ones.

The changes resulting from market alterations have led to the need for new guidelines so that Neoconsul can adapt to new realities and provide excelent services to our fidelized and/or potential clients.

Neoconsul is also commited to training and updating the technical knowledge of our employes, which is consenquently reflected in the unquestionable quality and rigor of our evaluation reports.

A Neoconsul
has the

The head of the company is MRICS
Company certified by the RICS
since May 16, 2016
Registered with the CMVM
under nº PAI/2007/0012.
Accredited by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority to carry out assessments for Insurance Companies and Pension Funds.

As part of the company’s certification, a survey is sent out to our customers every year to find out how satisfied they are with the services provided by Neoconsul. The level of customer satisfaction was 84%.

Our customers recognize Neoconsul’s ability to meet all their needs with quality and efficienty.

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